Bad optimization

The game is amazing and all but it's almost unplayable i have a gtx 1050ti,
i set everything to low and get around 45 fps with massive fps drops that makes the game unplayable.

i have played many demanding games that i had no issue with so problem isn't my rig.

i hope the optimization problem will be solved in the relase

You gotta give better feedback than that. What's your CPU? What maps run best for your PC? Where does the frame rate drop the most?

I am running into the same problem I am planning on a Dell Inspiron 7000. GTX 1050ti 8gb of ram standard off the shelf gaming laptop, not custom built. CPU is an i5 2.5 GHz. all maps have the same consistent frame rate drops. it seems to get worse when the action kicks off. when rounds get fired at me frame rate plummets, same with grenades and so on. I have turn everything to low minus the scope quality when doesn't seem to affect it either way. If there are any fixes that I can apply please let me know otherwise I hope this helps.

I am getting on average 50-60 FPS with everything maxed and 60-90 with everything on medium. Haven’t put all settings on low because I would rather not play if that’s what I need to do to get my frames at a steady 120 which is the refresh rate of my monitor (actually 144 but it’s set to 120). As for my rig I’m running an i-7 8700k with 16 gig hyperX ram and a GTX1080 so I’m thinking my frames should be a bit higher?