2 Gltiches / Heal Takes item no heal/Cant change weapons/reload


This one, He uses a Heal, hit tab and it canceled the heal and took the item with out healing.


In this one, Supreme is unable to switch weapons or reload and is kicked form the game 5 seconds after this clip.

The first clip was timing issue.

The second one, I truly hope isn't the same guy I came across named Supreme because the dude that I played against straight up was using ESP and traced people through buildings, he probably got kicked for wigging out the anti cheat.

If the first clip was a timing issue, why would it take the item without using it? And I am not fimilar with ESP can you explain more? And what would it have to do with changing weapons or reloading? We have experienced this glitch several times.

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I have had this happen when removing mods from guns mod-raid. I can still interact with the world (e.g. open/unlock doors, open containers), but snaptube , telegram web switching weapons, or using items is a no-go.

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