Would be nice if the winch worked with the engine stalled

In the real world it's common to winch a flopped truck back onto it's tires, but Mud Runner won't allow it. I would like to see the winch work with the engine off, but give you damage points for doing it.


There are hidraulic winches and electric winches, we could "pretend" ours to be electric...

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There are also "mechanical", propelled by propshaft and gears.
But only electric ones are capable to operate without running engine.
I am almost sure, that electric winch is not what you can expect on MAZ trucks, neither URAL and similar "weight categories".
For scouting vehicles of "A" class, why not, but bigger trucks doesn't make much sense with such thing I think...

Good point!

And i think most us would be happy with electric winches only on scout vehicles (smaller/lighter) as you said. It would be the most reasonable thing to do. IMO offcourse.

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there is an electric winch in the SpintireMod for mudrunner. i use it and it is Great. (i don't know how to put a link up in my reply, sorry) Rufus
ps. look for the thread 'spintire plus for mudrunner" in the 'Modding" category..it is a mile long, lot of useless info but it does have the link in the thread.
and i have pulled D class trucks back over

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It should be an option in each vehicles code, where the mod creater can choose what type of winch the person has access to. And if no option is given, then the default value should be engine running.

Just my two cents.

I’m aware of spintires plus mod, but thanks for your reply!
I just mean it would be something easy to add, better yet as an option to the vehicles creators.

@rufus quite true, but the OP did not specify what they are on (PC or console). so for those of us on PC it is really no problem, but for those on console....

anyway for those on PC here is a link.

Spintires: Mudrunner Mod

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