Forever falling dark angels on deathwings ears!?!

WHY?WHY?WHY? I’m getting deathly tired of repeatedly reiterating issues aswell as seeing many customers’ advice get brutally ignored or just barbarically killed off by bumbledom. Important issues and a glut of fans’ advice on how to improve your game is discarded in favour of yet more irrelevant and unimportant additions.

Don’t get me wrong, the new map is gr8 and that’s a brilliant addition, welldone! but WHY the experience bar? No one needs it?!! but you DO need to address the many grammar and spelling mistakes littered through this game and I’m guessing it’s easy to patch a few stray letters but you yet again don’t bother!🤬 WHY? The XP bar, is a waste of time and effort much like on/off vibration and muzzle flash additions which you deemed highest priority work?!???????! There are glaringly more pressing things to apply your time and effort on! Imo, drastically neutering the already suicidal nids is the cruellest fate. Now they just go out with a whimper. Where’s the honour in that?!
I think you’ve nerfed them too much.

Btw, Where’s our friendly He-man with the moral of the story, who, for whatever reason, is no longer master of this universe? Did he really relay our comments back to the cloth eared devs like promised?

My psplus has expired so I don’t know if the net issues are rectified.

Time and again people suggest patch changes. What about the addition of helmets rather than a XP bar? Why not make thorax swarm more lethal thus making the thorax damage reduction adornments of some use, not just acid, but no!, how about locking customisations so people don’t just buy the top tier item which would promote more longevity, but no! MELEE seriously needs patching which would do wonders for this game, but no!, etc, etc. Aaaarrrrrggggghhhhh!

You have your heads stuck in the sand and fingers in your ears and seem to rather toy around with unnecessary phantasmagorical incongruous clutter than deal with the burning issues. Purge!

The writing that probably needs spellchecking is on the wall! Please listen, because we want the game to become great!


im not sure cause im not a coder a game maker i dont know how hard it is to make a game like this one

what ik is that i only know one other game like this and thats vermintide 2 and in my opinion these 2 games (yeah vermintide1 also) are gems already there is no doubt about about that

but yeah i agree there are some things needed to be changed and the players screaming for it since years now some of them i think are easy to make others idk i have no clue if thats so easy

for example the ingame voice chat voip that has to be there since first day there is no question about that and there is no excuse none not a single one for it why its not there and couldnt be it has to be in the game its a fucking online coop game it has to have voip i mean i played warhammer spacemarine 2 days ago the coop part and it has voice i mean this game is from fucking 2011 and has this stuff i dont get why not this where its so much more impotent

the other things some i can totally agree ofc too others idk if thats realistic or not at the end i think we the players we are nothing for them you know they dont care about what we want if they have enough money they just stop working no matter what state the game has
i mean idk whats behind the scenes between developers and publisher but when i see players screaming since release for voip a thing that is absolute standart these days and they dont give it to use then i only can think we are worthless trash for them and not more worthless trash who pays there depts xD

the thing is the big ones like ea and activision bethesda showed them what you can do with the players gamers these days accept nearly everything destiny 2 with dlc 3 weeks later no problem i mean there are already games released with dlc at the same day xD at the fucking same day the players take it with pleasure 60 for the game 30 for the dlc and again 60 for the season pass xD we live in a very sick world now ik it has nothing to do with the game but watch the movie (spotlight from 2015) thats just the tip of the iceberg ik it trust me its much worser as in this movie and much bigger there are two classes of humans in this world but like i said its much worser then the most of you think one side is on the lets say good side they have big money the have really everything they want and the others well they do with us what the hell they want

but ok im not starting this here watch the movie and think very careful about it this shit is going on world wide in every business movies gaming religion and so on and they do there what ever they want