Ins2.. Best game ever

I started playing insurgency in like january. Everyone knew all the angles and with the maps being so small i was getting slaughtered consistently. I had a few moments but generally came to be a average player. 1.0 kd (Still had fun)
INS2 I have been playing since alpha and it has come a long way. Alpha was horribly optimized with rubber banding and stuttering but sometimes i could play normal. BETA 1 was a much needed improvement and when it ended I was in a bloodlust to play more. BETA 2 .. I am lvl 31 now and generally come in top 3 each game of push. The game is so so much more open to real tactics and it just feels so fluid. I am by no means using a good computer (Just a little 14 inch alienware laptop on low settings) but i manage to perform well. The maps are huge i am curious what they will do with the extra space. The ONLY PROBLEM I have is, sometimes i can be sitting completely still with my MG in a building and someone is behind me and kills me. I BARELY EVERR hear people!! Keeping situational awareness has helped me sometimes but when watching a line of sight and someone comes up behind u.. GG Its a wrap ur a deadman. Besides that.. A Masterpiece.

Technically, the last Insurgency was Ins2, just FYI. First was the HL2 mod, then the steam release, and now Sandstorm.

@tactixx I agree footsteps are too soft. It should be 2 - 3 times louder than it is now for running.

@Skidd-Chung i have to disagree, if you can see the people the footsteps are audible and at a good level.
The bug is that if you can’t see them you can’t hear them. I believe that’s all that needs to be fixed.

Devs were made aware of the footsteps bug so there may or may not be a fix in today's patch.