only able to launch the game after verifying integrity of game files

so i have thos weird problem that i cant launch the game it opens up the anti cheat thing and says failed to create service
only after i verify the files it allows me to play. does anyone also have this issue ?

yup, had this for a while now. Only fix ive found is what you mention, verify integrity of game files and then it works until i close the game and open it up again.

I've also had this problem and still have. Verifying the game folders works but a faster way of fixing this problem is:
Right click game on library (in steam) -> properties -> local game files/folder -> easyanticheat file -> easyanticheat setup
When you open up easyanticheat setup you should be able to use the "repair service" option. Make sure you have the right game selected. Then start the game after that.

Hope this helped. It should only take a few seconds to do this.

Waiting a fix for this problem as it seems it's a problem with some anticheat softwares or something. 🙂

We can't fix something that is happening on your side. If you have to keep repairing EAC service or verifying files then somethin on your system is actively breaking it (typically security software, corrupted windows updates, etc.)