Fixes a lot of the things I didn't like about the original game. With AP gone, gunfights are a lot more fun (And will likely become even more fun once the hit reg is dealt with). Fire support adds a ton of atmosphere to the game and makes for some interesting gameplay. Nothing quite like being in the middle of a rocket strike with explosions drowning out all other sound as you desperately run for cover, or throwing on a gas mask to navigate a field of poisonous gas after a chemical mortar strike (What exactly are those mortars dispersing? Mustard gas?).

The shotguns... oh lordy, the shotguns. Finally, after all these years I've found a shooter that isn't afraid to let these bad boys have the power they deserve.

Character customization is a welcome addition to the game, though I'd like if costs and credit gain were more balanced. I added it all up and it would take me almost 6100 credits to make my security operator look the way I want.
(Though, they should really polish up those models. My guy has a perpetual thousand-yard stare that makes him look dead inside.)

Performance is night and day for me after the last hotfix. I almost never go under 60 fps now. It's not perfect, but acceptable for now.

Also, I discovered a really hilarious bug earlier. When you press the melee button while holding a knife or grenade, you punch with your left hand. If you punch somebody in the head, their head literally explodes like a grape. As ridiculous as this is, I kinda hope they don't fix it. It's just too funny.

Prepares for influx of comments telling me why I'm wrong