Evac Suggestion

Just want to start off by saying you guys did a fantastic job fielding the requests of everyone during the closed beta stage, i enjoyed every minute i played and all the changes that came along. Early Access so far runs beautifully.

a suggestion i have for the end game when the helicopter arrives is either
-Remove the notification that a player is evacuating (there is no stealth element to winning the game this way currently, once the notification pops up everyone outside of the circle starts shooting at the rope)
or (this ties into the same idea a bit)

  • make the red smoke ring higher so you have to be inside of the evac zone to have a chance at killing the player. I have tried the rope route a few times and there is very little visibility for the player on the rope to even find where they are getting shot from.

i think if a player wins the close range fight, or just has the ability to attach to the rope, then his move is made, and now your opponents should have to make the move to the inside of the smoke ring to stop you from getting on the helicopter.
The way it feels now is outside of the ring and inside of the ring aren't 2 separate areas. most players just camp the outside ring to shoot at the rope.

TL:DR - Raise the height of the smoke ring to make opponents have to push into the smoke to stop you from winning; remove notification that a player is evacuating

I basically NEVER evac now. The only way to evac properly is by cheating and knowing there is nobody near you.

I bait the rope, throw smokes out but there is legitimately zero reason to try and evac because you're going to die.

it is possible to be evacuated, it does not work, but often. Just try to get on the rope right at the beginning, preferably with smoke grenades on the rope. when pulling up you use a medikit again and again.

for the end of game, the helicopter should be able to be called by one of the players by a radio, it would force people to find the transmitter and locate the helicopter directly on him, it could energize the game and make access to the helicopter totally random.
The emitter could be located directly on the map, or dropped via the last drop of the plane, it would add a dynamic in the game