Unplayable framerate drops on 1060 3gb

GTX 1060 3gb, R5 1400, 8gb ram, 100gb free on hard drive.

The game is unplayable even on lowest settings with resolution scale on 50%. Frames drop to 5-17 every couple of seconds, other than that it runs at 20+ frames. I don't know if its the VRAM or what, but either way its unplayable. the framerate is just as bad on about all servers. the regular insurgency runs completely fine on my PC, I don't know why this is so terrible.

Sounds about right for 8gb of ram and no ssd.
You’ll have to wait for better optimization.
Not sure about your cpu though.

Ssd is makes No difference i instaled the game on hdd and ssd and the only difference is loading times but i have 16gb of ram ryzen 5 1600x and gtx 1080 and the game runs perfectly fine For me
So i think its your ram or your cpu the game uses more than 8gb of ram on my system and is verry cpu heavy

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There is NO reason this game shouldn't play perfectly fine and smooth with 8gb ram, other games using the ue4 engine run smooth and good frames for me maxed out, getting a bit tired of all the excuses made by people, there is not long until release and the game now runs worse than alpha for me!

After Augusts patch the game ran nice with only a few stutters, yes there was fps drops but nothing like what it is now after the September patch, it is now unplayable!

Loved the first game so buying this one was a no brainer, unfortunately I don't think they are going to sort this before release 😞 I might be wrong but things just seem to be getting worse,well for me anyway

If the game uses almost 9gb of ram from the 16 gb i have then yes 8 is not enough For now and yes the game need to be more optimized but almost al new games uses a lot of ram today
But it could be there is a memory leak

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I have an almost identical rig and get ~60 frames on 1920x1080 on all low, with hiccups while being shot at or entering/exiting interiors. Only differences are i5-4690k and SSD.

We can max out DOOM on the same engine, no reason we can't run Insurgency. Devs are working on optimization so just hold your breath a bit.

Also report your specs/symptoms in the performance feedback thread if you haven't.

Edit: New September 6th patch performance feedback thread here: https://steamcommunity.com/app/581320/discussions/0/2727382174626495688/

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@DutchpowerNL pretty sure that’s because you have 16gb of ram and it doesn’t need to use HDD space.

@syks01 thats why i said “you’ll have to wait for better optimization”