No footsteps unless physical view of the enemy or teammate ( BUG )

No footsteps unless physical view of the enemy or teammate ( BUG )

You cannot hear someones footsteps unless he is in your FOV ( both friendly and foe )

Such thing cannot be in a "competitive Hardcore" FPS game, fix it please by release.

I thought there was something wrong with the sound of footsteps. I never hear them behind me, behind a wall, or in another room.

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This bug is pretty horrible. At the moment its not possible to know if someone is sprinting up behind you. I had come to the conclusion that there were no enemy footsteps in the game at all.

It's such a basic thing to have in ANY game that I'm honestly curious what went wrong in the code to have this happen.

I've literally never played a game before where footstep audio was tied to a requirement of being on screen. Even the most ancient games got that right, how did they go wrong?

Its possibly related to the players being culled when they are behind you, to improve performance, or something similar.

This one was of the features that was showcased in a video they published regarding the in-game sounds and how important it was for players to use that sense for situational awareness.

Curious if this is something that just stopped working at some point (e.g. result of an update) or if it is something that has been missing since the start of the beta?

Here's the video. Fast forward to the 1 minute mark where footsteps are demonstrated:

Youtube Video

I can't imagine this is something that would not be fixed as it is so important to the gameplay.