8gb or 16gb

I've got 8gb DDR4 and a GTX 1070 on my laptop, i think with 8gb it's too few to play Insurgency sandstorm, with 16gb the game want to run better ?


8GB is enough, unless you got bad components beside that.

Love you all!

I7 6700HQ - 3,3GHz, Game install on SSD,

I'm running on:

i5 7500 3.4ghz
8GB Ram DDR4
GTX 1060 6GB
Hybrid HDD

The game auto'd everything to 'very high' settings so I tried it. - bit of stuttering and tiny slow downs when say an airstrike came

I lowered a few settings to 'high' or 'medium' and the game runs pretty damn well.

You can refund any time up to the release date on Steam anyway.

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