Overall ideas

Hey dudes. I brought that game mostly due to postapo.
It is not bad but still it wasy behind other BR games on many fields.

Some kind suggestions to make game better:

  1. Increase spawn of enemies but make them more predictable. at the moment you cannot avoid fight in gear locations
  2. Make game longer. It is funnt to go sneaky throught the map. When i have to rush it like a mad man whole funn is lost
  3. Wether is more than crazy,. Changing every 4 min. it is to often.
  4. Air drop are almost untrackable
  1. Wolves spawn in populated areas and around players
  2. Games are short because people aren't playing so they had to shorten the match numbers
  3. Weather is voted on by the dead players, so it's crazy because they are doing their best to ruin your chances at winning
  4. Air drops use a red trail of smoke when they are about to drop their load. Parachute stays in the air for around 5-10 seconds before it drops and there's a red flare on the airdrop itself that sends smoke out.