Bot firing in infinite loop causes player to get stuck in place.

In coop, I was on first floor and bot was on ground floor. I was firing bullets which did not make any difference. When bot started firing, I was stuck and could not move. After few minutes there was a blast and I was launched out somewhere else.

I have recorded the video but since the size is big, I cannot upload it.

I am attaching a screenshot from the recorded video.

Before :-

0_1536250642051_Screenshot (50).png

After :-

0_1536250678292_Screenshot (51).png

Download an amazing free program called "Handbrake" and you can compress your video to like 1/5 of its original size with almost no loss in quality. It's great because it only takes like 1 minute to optimize even long videos and then because the video is so much smaller, it uploads WAY faster and processes faster too.

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