Made no difference at all, my cpu load minimum anyway (6700k @4.5ghz)
Maybe this may help people with cheap or very old cpu's?

That might be correct, because i really have better ( more fluid ) gameplay with Hyperthreading disabled.
My CPU is indeed a few years old and might not have those internal codes which have been added to the newer generations i7 processors.
Those new codes might be responsible for smoother gameplay on newer generations.

The gpu usage amd crazy over the top Vram usage is and always has been the issue with indy developed unreal engine 4 games.
Its the same story every time and every game, the indy devs take on too much when using UE4, i really dont see the fascination on using UE4 as sooo many devs are using it in last 2 years and nearly ALL of them are having problems.

Devs need to do their homework and avoid UE4 in the future

Well... i am neither a programmer nor a gamedeveloper but i read in the past that the UE4 really offers so much more possibilities than other comparable game engines and the graphics look amazing.

As far as i remember there was no game on the market which worked without any problems out of the box on day 1.
There is always some bugfixing and polishing work to be done to receive a good final product. If this takes some time to do, then ok.
As long as developers listen to customers feedback who help finding the bugs they can bring out the games earlier to the consumer so that we can enjoy the game as it is.
I don´t mind being an alpha or beta tester. The important thing is that the devs don´t stop bugfixing after game relase. That would make us feel betrayed.

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I think we are facing gpu/cpu thread related issues. So... a big mouthful out of the performance profiling bottle is neccessary. Anything else won't help, I fear.

@fattmedic i guess it my only work for some people and everyone will have their own opinion about it i guess but here is a link of someone who did a in depth test of hyperthreading on high demanding games. https://www.techpowerup.com/forums/threads/gaming-benchmarks-core-i7-6700k-hyperthreading-test.219417/
i guess to each their own.

@burgrat Yes if if this works for you, To each their own. All games will perform differently across different parameters I.E. different system hardware, operating systems and even software applications installed, Its why one solution with not work for all.

Could this in part have something to do with the cpu boost frequency being higher when hyper-threading is turned off? I know I can get significantly higher stable overclock (+250mhz) on 3770k with hyper-threading turned off. Have seen many posts on overclocking forums saying the same thing, if you want the ultimate overclock then disable hyper-threading.

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