[bug?] Bought cosmetic items locked again after the new patch

As the title says, some items that I had bought (e.g. brown cargo pants for insurgents) have been locked after the new patch. This isn't a major issue since it is a beta and cosmetics will be reset, but hopefully it means you guys will be aware of the issue before patching for cosmetics, that they sometimes reset bought items as well.

As Alex said here, you just have to hit randomise button to make it unlocked again !

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@kerroro I think they have completely removed some cosmetics and replaced it with another. For the cargo pants for instance, I remember it being called dark grey, rather than brown which exists now. It is the same bug when the black attire for Ins had been removed

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So did you lose some items and got no refund or any other cosmetic ?

Love you all!

@kerroro Yes I too lost the brown cargo pants and Randomize doesn't unlock them nor I can buy them again since I get "Invalid item" message. Deleting Profile doesn't help neither.

@kerroro Yes. It seems the bug is that the replaced item doesn't go to the inventory and replaces it, the deleted item is no longer available and you'd have to rebuy the new one that replaced it. Not a big bug, but something to keep in mind if they potentially do that again after launch.

Basically I don't really know how to fix it sadly, probably the only way to get a refund is to ask devs what they are going to do about it. I am pretty sure that they are aware of such problems, but the game launched in ten days, so it has to be ready for launch, so they obviously focus on major fixes (hitreg, matchmaking, optimization, ...).

They would probably reset all of the cosmetic when the game will launch maybe ?
If they won't, then they might refund people who bought such deleted cosmetics, because they can't make people losing such things by updating the game without refunding.

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From the patch notes:

  • Replaced Dark Brown Cargo with Brown.

So if you had Dark Brown Cargo Pants before they're gone, and the Brown ones are a new item that'll need to be unlocked.

My understanding is that all cosmetics, credits, experience, and levels will be reset at launch, so no need to worry about refunds or replacements.