We all love this game. But i find myself not playing it as much because of the lack of content. As soon as you put mods in the game on consoles your sales are gonna go up a lot more. You guys put mods on farming sim 17. So I don’t understand why you don’t have a “concrete plan” to put them in the game. We just wanna know the truth about your plans and not beating around the bush answers. So give us some info please!!

If you read the various sections of this MudRunner forum thoroughly, then you will learn that they (i.e. Focus Home Interactive) are probably evaluating wether there is a big enough market (read: enough interest) for a rereleased Spintires or not. If there is, then there could be a reasonable business case for increasing the team working on it, including a group of people required for maintaining mods for consoles. Because there is a process to adhere to for bringing mods made by the community or by the developers to consoles. This means it costs money. And if there is not enough prospect for revenue for such an endeavor, then it won't happen.

@mr-fritchley This has been discussed a lot and already answered everywhere on this forum:

iyagovos said in [News on console mod or dlc?]

Hi there,
At this time, we don't have any further plans to introduce mods to the console versions of Spintires: MudRunner, as our current focus is on introducing workshop map support to the PC version of the game, and working on additional content (maps and vehicles) for both the PC and console versions

"working on additional content for both PC and console"

i am curious to see how they play this out. will console get user created content or company created content. sounds like the latter to me for console with that statement above. which if they are creating new content then it would make sense for the time being taken. we'll just have to wait and see.