I have put 36 hours into INS:Sandstorm beta so far including the first beta. I've also sunk 350 hours or so into the first title just so you know how much time I've had with the franchise to form my opinion on what I'll say here.

  1. In Sandstorm I notice a lot of my games are uneven once players leave after losing a round or two in versus. Currently there is no system that will fill these missing slots with new people searching for a game, or no auto-balance feature to even the teams to make the game more fair/fun to play. I think this is something really needed.

  2. This is more technical feedback but I was going to just put it all in one post. I notice that often times in a new server that I just joined the game takes awhile to render everything and models are invisible for awhile. This isn't good, but most importantly it takes usually 1-2 minutes to render my own gun. THIS IS VERY BAD!!! Especially trying to get to points quickly for pre-firing different angles, etc. it's really hard to do so without seeing my gun and sight! So I think at the very least your gun should have some priority with rendering so that you're not left without the ability to aim.

  3. I've noticed that I get +100 WinningTeam points all the time (or most of the time) even though my team doesn't win for experience at the end of a match.

  4. TECHIES ARE SUPER INVICIBLE!! Except to explosives, which feels good. I was playing CO-OP and I was on a techie 50cal (the machinegun, I assume its a 50cal as it penetrates through walls like crazy) yet I overheated the MG TWICE!!!! on the AI controlled techie and it was only smoking. That's like 150+ 50cal rounds into this truck, the thing should be scrap metal at this point, or blown up. I also think the 50cal MG on the techies should do more damage, I've hit bots 3-4 times with the big fat 50cal and they're still alive cause of heavy armor.... which addresses my next topic...

  5. Heavy armor is OP in my opinon and ruins the game in the current meta and needs to have more points associated with it, or it needs to be scaled back. I lose every close quarter engagement if the person has any decent reaction time if they have heavy armor unless I get a head shot, this is a very opinionated thing but I much like the quick time to kill in INS:1 and want it to be similar to that.