Compass, Général chat, Duo Queu, End Game !

Hello dear players

We need to show our interest in the game,
Show your interest in the game by adding your comments
On the steam store, inviting your friends, supporting the streamers who taking initiatives for the game.

I would like to bring some ideas to the development of the game:

  • The addition of a compass for more facilities during our team fights.
  • A chat with a general salon. we could communicate in game to complete the lobbies and facilitate the research process
    it could also be displayed in the game. It would be a very good idea for the game when you are waiting in the area with a random player.
  • The addition of a DUO mod, this would allow to speed up the party search process not duo in the same lobby as SQUAD
  • Reduce the time before the apparation of radiation on the last zone , the game is rather slow on the last zone, there are campers, seen the number of player per part has been reduced, it would be necessary to reduce the time of activation of the zone, that would speed up the process
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I am completely in favour of adding his proposals. Especially for the compass and DUO mode! But for the compass, I don't know how it reacts in real life surrounded by radioactivity... So to see in game aha