PC Catch Skill Bug

During a game I played online, at the beginning of the second half, I was on offence. A high kick event resulted in one of my catcher (Thanaere) failing to catch the ball (using his catch re-roll.). During this turn, another player (Gwenlin) picked up the ball and sucessfully made a pass to Thanaere (the catcher) who failed to catch the ball without using his catch re-roll. Unfortunately, I was not offered the possibility to use a team re-roll (see picture below). Therefore, I suspect a bug.

  1. Either the bug concerns the catch skill. I tried to check but could not find if the catch skill can be used twice in the same turn.
  2. Or it concerns the fact that not being able to use the catch skill a second time, I should have been able to use a team re-roll in the same way dodge or sure feet works. To be noted: for those 2 skills the rules clearly specify that the skill can only be used once per turn.

0_1515536273512_Catch bug.jpg

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Looks like a bug. He should be able to use the catch skill again as it is not limited to once per turn.

Will Focus automatically pick it up, or should I do something else?

If it's in here then they should get it 🙂

Is it normal I have not received a reply from Focus acknowledging the bug? I have other bugs to report but wonder wether this is useful...

Thanks, it's a know issue 🙂
The same bug happens with Pro, the bug is that the game thinks it's the same turn (even if the rules state otherwise), so it doesn't let you use the skill twice.

Thanks for the feedback.