The window to the left of the door for the parapit (stupid castle looking balcony space) you can perfectly see Security spawn. if you get there as insurgents, you can easily kill 2-3 enemies before receiving any fire. I did this twice with a non bi-pod SVN. I cant imagine the devastation if i had a PKM on that window. Please add more shot blockers or remove the window. Just reporting this for balance, while it is amusing to use it to get 17/2 without much effort i do feel it puts a damper on the game for everybody get spawn killed.

There are some other maps that have this issue. I cant recall the map name but the one that has the really tall building on B side on the hill over looking the point which has a bus on it. (Firefight) has the same problem. but reverse. security can rush a saw to either the one way route to C leaving insurgent spawn or an over watch of the other exit near the destroyed bus. because they have the hill advantage in the middle and insurgent side has to leave via 2 cramped exits, you can literally wipe the whole enemy team after a wave. Feel like that is kinda unfair for insurgents since the map is fairly Security favored early game, as you can storm the B side quite fast and you have better access to cut off the middle choke points, forcing the Insurgents into the far sides of the map + nades = fun time. Otherwise, absolutely fantastic game, just think these maps need balancing a bit better. ill post anymore if i find them.

Thanks to anybody who went through the post.
Apologies for any anti-Brevity or spelling mistakes, I am Scottish after all !