Bombardier Bug

I really like the goblin team because they’re very interesting, but the bombardier has three major flaws that can ruin a match. One is that it can take up to 5 minutes for him to throw the ball and if you re-roll it can take longer. Then the second problem is it can break pop-up things like when I was trying to bribe the referee it wouldn’t allow it because I had used the bombardier right before. Also I had one game where it got stuck on turn 16 where it should’ve gone into overtime but sat there staring at the referee but not completely frozen because he was moving. I am 100% sure it is the bombardier and I was playing against AI and I’m on Xbox.

I meant up to five minutes to throw the bomb, excuse that mistake.

I just found out this today when playing goblins for the first time. However, it most certainly did not take five minutes to resolve. But it was close, Id say it went past the two minute mark, which is just as bad.

I dont know why the game has to take so long to resolve the Bombardier throw bomb? In comparison a pitch invasion is resolved almost immediately. Furthermore, when it finally resolves, it has hardly any visual confirmation of where the bomb landed, who had tried to grab it and so on. A super short explosion and, and, thats all.

After that, even action against the Bombardier may take more time than normal.

Maybe it is the animations that are the problem; then just cut them and show just the explosion. Maybe -putstinfoil hat on- it is trying too hard to resolve the way it want the scatter to go since it places the template however it wants for every single scatter.

Whatever the problem, surely someone knows how to at least make it better. I hope it is personal and it gets solved along with other things.

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