AMD Phenom II X2 555 Processor, 8GB Ram, NVIDIA GeForce GT430

Lowest graphics settings making EVERYTHING look like diarrhea and still unplayable? Insurgency runs fine, insurgency sandstorm runs worse than Arma 3.

Getting an average of 3 FPS

I mean i'm a guy who's okay with 30-40 FPS. But getting 3 FPS is outrageous.

your computer is just bad.

Can we get some donations for this poor guy and help end his suffering? GT430? Maybe you should try an upgrade from Windows XP too? 🙃
Yes, FPS are slightly worse than in other First Person Shooters, even on higher end systems, but with only 3 FPS you really should get a new computer if you plan on playing titles being published now or in the coming year...

@ukr4in1an said in UNPLAYABLE! CHECK SPECS!:

NVIDIA GeForce GT430

"lowest graphics settings making EVERYTHING look like diarrhea and still unplayable?"

  • Yeah it's a beta, not optimized to it's full potential

" Insurgency runs fine"

  • Insurgency is also 4 years old and had a lot more time to be optimized over time etc.

", insurgency sandstorm runs worse than Arma 3."

  • Arma 3 is 5 years older than Insurgency: Sandstorm, and had it's fair share of problems too at release and later and even 1-2 years ago. ^^

"NVIDIA GeForce GT430"

Sorry brother, but you're due for an upgrade

bruh... you're on a GT430! course you aint gonna be playing sandstorm with that shit, sure the original ins which is 4 years old and built on an engine that's about 14 years old you'll get some frames, but this unreal... you need an upgrade bro.

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