0_1536446614522_DxDiag.doc Hello,

I recently reinstalled the game on steam. Previously the game worked with no issues but I got a new hard drive and had to reinstall it. After reinstalling the game no longer launches.

If i try run from steam it will say "preparing to launch", this window will close and then my steam will say running for 2-3 seconds, then syncing, then will go back to normal and the game doesnt launch.

If I try use either GL-32 or DX-32 the Blood bowl 2 logo appears with a black window behind it, stays on the screen for about 5 seconds and then closes. Nothing happens after this.

I have seen many people with this issue online and tried many fixes suggested by developers on the steam forums, I have moved config file, edited config file, ran as admin, ran in compatibility mode, uninstalled and reinstalled steam, cleared download cache on steam, verified game files and more but nothing has fixed this issue. Please help.

I have attached my DirectX diagnostic report.

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