The current graphical style of UI in Space hulk: Deathwing, would do well with a revamp. Space hulk: Deathwing is a beautiful game with a high level of polish on all 3D model assets. However the 2D assets that are part of branding the game and communicating gameplay to the player is of a much lower quality and brings the overall visual experience down as it is a big part of it. The current design has several readability issues when navigating through mission menues, loadout and gameplay. An upgrade could help communicate gameplay to new players better and make multiplayer a better experience. A graphical revamp of the UI could also lift the overall visual quality of the game and help with branding as well as better represent the warhammer 40k universe.
This need is most apparent on loadout menu, tactical interface, loadingscreen and multiplayer menu in both readability and visual quality, but a new art style and UI design overall could polish the game a great deal.

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