G36's recoil is horrendous

@ctbear1996 Having divergent core mechanics in different modes is worse for both game types. There's no reason to artificially lower the skill cap of unranked modes (see the second half of my comment).

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@cyoce If horizontal recoil is too hard to control, use burst fire or semi-auto, problem solved, full auto should only be viable at close range. There's no such thing as lower skill cap, bad player will use full-auto spray and pray, good player will know when to use semi and when to use full auto.

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@marksmanmax 10% less recoil doesn't exactly turn it into a laser beam. I'd say even 50% less recoil wouldn't feel like a laser beam.

Even 20% less recoil can turn a gun that's pretty hard to control into a breeze. It's almost like a 20% reload speed increase, for instance. It doesn't sound like much but damn it makes a difference.

When you can relatively easily fire an M4 full-auto at a target about 50 meters away and land nearly every shot because of crouching, it's overpowered. I did a video just testing how effective crouching was versus just equipping attachments: