Unlimited Rocket Launchers - Bug or Feature?

I just learned that you can pick up as many rocket launchers as you can so long as you are alive and have more than one ammo, so as an insurgent, I ended up having a RPG and two M3 Maaws by the end of the match, is this a bug or a feature. Its so stupidly awesome that I do not want to consider it a bug at all.

If I may clarify, I wasn't talking about loadout launchers specifically. In fact you can't even take more than one RPG/AT4/M3 or any combination of these in your starting loadout. What I mean to say is in the field you can carry up to 3 rocket launchers on your person if you happen to find them on the ground, though this serves no purpose as they share the same ammo pool.

@breegull-bird That is also in the post. If you get M3 and an RPG, you get potentially 6 rockets (and this is without the GL of course). But I might be wrong and they might have patched it. Before, they didn't share the same ammo and you could have 12 rockets and 4 GL nades.

with a heavy carrier, you can carry up to three rockets for /all/ launchers, (as they are now shared.) and the underslung can carry 4 nades, the counter is bugged however and displays your magazine count for your rifle when you have 4. also I think you may be mistaken, it is impossible to start with a M3 and a RPG, as it doesnt allow you to take two launchers, you have to find one from a opposing enemy.this has always been the case.

@breegull-bird I've never said you can start off with it. I said potentially you can have and not to start off with. I guess they have changed some aspects but most of my point still stands on that post. And I believe if you have multiple launchers, you can fire and change launcher without reloading and fire again, without ever going over weight? So probably will be fixed soon.

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