Improve bolt action sniper rifle

Hello Devs,

The game needs an improve in bolt action sniper rifle damage on torso (Light and Heavy) for 1 hit to kill, otherwise it's useless on any game mod!

Please do something about that.

Community, thumbs up if you agree!

Best regards,

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Totally agreed.

Sniping in CQB is hard enough with one shot. Having to lay a second round is almost impossible.

Even Changing to a secondary is hard, when someone is spraying a full mag on us.

So I also ask for you Devs to do something about it.

Best regards.


Sniping in CQB

i see what you did there 😏

No one is forcing you to uses a bolt action rifle in a modern setting....

That's like purposefully using a musket in WW2 and then complaining that the enemy didn't die on the first shot because you have the mistaken belief that the slower a weapon fires, the more damage it should do.

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I can not agree with you. You can not compare a bolt action sniper rifle with a musket. The bolt action sniper is the best powerfull weapon for long range shots and i can confirm that you are completely out of combat if you got one shot from this one on your torso. If this game wants to follow the realistic path, the bolt action sniper rifle should kill anyone if it hits the head or torso.

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I wasn't comparing a bolt action with a musket. I was comparing the fact that you think bolt actions magically do more damage simply because they fire at a slower rate of fire. THAT was the analogy. You realize the only reason bolt actions are in the game at all is because gamers expect them to be "the sniping option". Even the M24 is horribly outdated and almost never used. It's decades out of date.

The M24 has been being phased out for a long time. From its wikipedia page: The M24 SWS was to be replaced with the M110 Semi-Automatic Sniper System, a contract awarded to Knight's Armament Company. However, the Army still continued to acquire M24s from Remington until February 2010 and upgraded to the A2 and M24E1 standard in many cases, continuing to serve.[6] The Army chose to upgrade its entire M24 rifle fleet to the M2010 Enhanced Sniper Rifle, with the final M24 being converted in April 2014.[7])

If this game wants to follow a realistic path, all torso and limb shots except for those to the heart and head are not instantly fatal. What, you think people just "turn off" like they do in games? That wouldn't be fun at all...having a guy screaming while his gut wound gives him sepsis and he goes into shock.

Also, why do you sign your posts like a letter?

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As you said, once he gets out of combat .. for the game counts as he is dead.

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I think sniper rifles should be optimised against lightweight vest only, heavy vest should be able to take 2 shots without dying since most people don't really have that heavy vest, and it wouldn't be any useful without having it happen, I mean like... That vest adds weight and takes alot of slots so it should have some minimal advantage for people to get a reason to pick it.

I agree, with the ttk being so low for all these other guns, snipers should get some love to make them at least somewhat viable

Current State :

Bolt Action =
You fire a shot - Wait for the delay - You fire another shot - It takes about 2 seconds to kill a person.

Full-Auto =
You fire 2~4 bullets continuously - It takes less than 0.5 seconds to kill a person.

When you use Bolt-Action , you must aim carefully.
When you use Full-Auto , you can just spray your bullets.
The Result = Full-Auto still kills faster even if you spray your bullets.
This is wrong. This is not fair. This is not balanced.

The Damage Difference should be :
Full-Auto = 40%
Semi-Auto = 70%
Bolt-Action = 100%

For Example :

If a Full-Auto weapon does 40 damage and fires 5 bullets per second , this Full-Auto weapon can do 200 damage per second.
40 x 5 = 200

If a Semi-Auto weapon does 70 damage and fires 2 bullets per second , this Semi-Auto weapon can do 140 damage per second.
70 x 2 = 140

If a Bolt-Action weapon does 100 damage and fires 1 bullet per second , this Bolt-Action weapon can do 100 damage per second.
100 x 1 = 100

Currently , Full-Auto can do superior damage and Full-Auto always kills faster at any range.
Even at long range , Full-Auto kills faster.
Currently , pressing down the left mouse button works well because the recoil is too weak.
This is why Full-Auto recoil needs to be increased and Full-Auto accuracy needs to be decreased.
Currently , Full-Auto recoil is too low and Full-Auto accuracy is too high.
In order to bring up the skill level ceiling , Full-Auto needs more recoil.
Currently , handling Full-Auto is too easy because Full-Auto does not have enough recoil.
There should be more penalty for pressing down left mouse button.
Currently , there is no reason to choose Bolt-Action over Full-Auto.
If the developers are planning to lower the TTK , Bolt-Action should get lower TTK before anything else.

Proposal =

  1. Buff Bolt-Action ( Increase Damage and Speed Up Animation )


  2. Nerf Full-Auto ( Increase Recoil and Decrease Accuracy )

@amurka Fair enough, but then why even offer the bolt actions as an option if they're going to be redundant?

This is one case where I wouldn't mind them prioritizing game balance over authenticity.