bugs or not? pro leader mode on xbox one

i play pro leader and at begin you can set your fitness peak and every season(after 3 seasons i unlocked and played even now in season 2028) where i unlocked roubaix and tdf i put fitness peak at those
problem 1:
i have the worst daily form in roubaix despite i put as my fitness peak
problem 2:
my climber has 70 cobble and always i go in a breakaway.i play on amateur(lowest) difficulty so i can be the first to finish cobble sectors in breakaways,trying to complete faster 15 times x 1,2,3 star sector and 10 or 15 times x 4,5 star sectors
i'm the first rider on cobble sectors in the last 200m,i'm the first to finish the cobble sector but not the first who enters on a cobble sector
i'm the first who finish very easy 6-8 cobble sectors and it only counts every cobble race just 1 of 1,2,3 stars cobble section and just 1 of 4,5 stars cobble section
so to accomplish 15 times "be first out on 1,2,3 star section" i need basically to finish 15 cobble races when i have 68-70 cobble stat cause with under 68 cobble i can barely win 2 cobble sections on amateur

edit: i'll put later a screenshot to see that i can barely accomplish cobble sections achievements

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i also win in the same stage 2 intermediare sprints and counted only 1

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