Big Bosses etc.

To create more variety, why not include:

  • Big Bosses/end of level Bosses etc.
    Hard-as-nails, very big energy bar (hidden) Big bosses that appear in level, maybe in areas that could be locked in or not.

  • Infamous Tyranids like a Swarmlord or 'Old One Eye' or 'DeathLeaper' could show up.

  • And maybe, like Prince of Persia 2: you have to run away from it, get through a big door to close it off... Then it appears further in the level again and you run, killing it gradually each time Etc.

  • Maybe a Chaos Contemptor Dreadnought has been awoken by the noise ur making through the hulk

  • or Tyrannocytes deep strike into a level,

  • or loads of Rippers cling to you - like in Dead Space.

Also, why not have:

  • Green venom spitting xenos: severely impare one's vision - much like in L4D.
    This effect could be prevented by parrying projectile.

  • Hybrids with 'troikas' i.e. Stationary chainguns etc.

  • Hybrids with Horus Heresy weapons.

  • Hybrids with more powerful weapons.

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Big Bosses could go through different stages/attack methods before they're killed.

They could even give loot?