Curious If Anything Has Changed About the Reset.

I and a few others are wondering if anything has been changed surrounding resetting rank, cosmetics, credits, etc. The general feeling is resetting after a two week beta feels good, but getting attached to your level is bound to happen after three months.

Who cares about levels? Getting a head-start just because you played beta is lame.

@benz who are you to tell people what to enjoy and not? Who made you the entertainment communist? 😛

It is a legitimate question. As a person who sometimes enjoy mixing up my clothing, it would just be nice to know what will happen on release.

No one is getting a head start, anyone can buy the game. You might as well complain about how people who buy a game on official launch day get a head start over people who buy it months later.

The whole system of giving people clothing is a reward system. To rescind that reward doesn't make that much sense unless the system in beta is very different from the one at official launch.

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