anybody won roubaix with montain speciality?

basically with this speciality your pro rider has a max 76 cobble stat if you win roubaix but if 75 cobble you are suposed to win roubaix
anybody succed this thing?
i with 72 cobble i succed to last with front group until last 6 cobble sectors and lost 3 min almost from winner
right after i finished roubaix i made 74 cobble but i'm not sure if with 74 i can resist on the last 6 to 2 sections cause section 6 to 2 are close one to another and there the top dogs attack
bassicaly i can accomplish all the achievements except winning roubaix,that's impossible

if dev would push cobble stat to 78 max for montain and hill speciality,a +2 at cobble would help a lot,i could win roubaix on amateur at least
or to versatile speciality push +2 at hill and montain stat,i think now it's 78 hill/montain and with 80 hill/montain you can win everything

i won but that's very hard even on amateur difficulty
if i increase difficulty i think it will become mission impossible

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