My thougth

Hi there again guys, this time i'd like to tell you want do i think about the "time to kill" in game:
In my personal opinion i find out that some weapons don't have enougth stopping power so we cannot have a clear one shot elimination.
I take for example the Scar mk17, i used to shot an opponent twice to the chest for getting a kill, even if he was wearing an armour, i think the mk17, like other weapons should have a one shot hit to frag the enemy, like in the first insurgency.
Thank you for the pledge you're having with this game, i hope every feedback will be good for you.
Good job 😃

@drunkenmaster The Mk17 for sure needs a buff. It's the only .308 weapon that can't one-shot through light armor. Why would I use it when the dirt cheap G3 does more damage and isn't exclusive to the advisor?

@quadsword The Mk17 has higher rate of fire and also has minimal recoil for the caliber. Not to mention it is the same price as M18

Yeah MK17 is the weakest battle rifle in the game for no reason, but it's also the most controllable (Still no reason to get it since other can achieve the same result. )