Add a Defense/Entrenchment Co-Op Mode (Please Add)

Offense/Stronghold in Co-Op is fun, but having the option to start defending against waves of enemy numbers would add another take on Co-Op gameplay.

Just attempt to test the Defend/Entrenchment Co-Op by replicating what DOI has done and see what happens. Now that we have fire support, it'll be very useful defending in Co-Op; it'll give a chance for new players who start playing Commander a chance to play around with fire support.

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Outpost from Ins2 is already planned.

@staryoshi06 No, nothing like Outpost. What I meant was that the roles are reversed in Checkpoint, like the Entrenchment mode from Day of Infamy, where we'll defend against waves, and when an objectives are lost, everyone has to retreat until they have to hold their last objective down.

Sounds fun, but the biggest flaw I see is it would be supremely boring if your team was successful. A win could just be you defending a single point (effectively) until their waves run out.

Let's be honest. The bot AI for storming buildings is really bad..they don't work together to all go in at once, sometimes their pathing sucks and they never even make it to the door... and their suicide bombers always detonate too early and take out their own squads regularly.

Basically if your team doesn't get bored and peek out of windows...winning is a cakewalk.

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I think I know where you are going with this. Kinda like a tower defense if you will. You spawn in and wave after wave of enemies attack. And with each wave more arrive? I would love it if more and more enemies came. And with each wave more artillery was used on us, rpgs, snipers get better aim. Make it so that we have no chioce but to lose eventually but tier 1-5 X amount of xp. 5-10 X amount of xp etc etc.

@amurka I believe NWI was somewhat successful with Defense/Entrenchment Co-Op mode in Day of Infamy, but that could be like that because they had time to program attacking AI well enough to simulate smart offense AI.

Yeah, there are instances where back in DOI where defense is easy enough, but at most times in my experience, we usually loose the first and second objectives in both infantry and commando difficulties.

From playing Co-Op, AI/game made good choices on where to hit us when stuck defending captured objectives, so I believe that just hiding inside won't work too well (like if they sent down smoke mortars in front of the first objective which will let the enemy faction charge forward unharmed). For playing against Security, it would be more difficult with A-10 gun runs and the Gunship shooting missiles and 30mm rounds piercing through walls.

@max80 I didn't think of how when new waves spawn in, the waves get more better equiped with rising numbers, varied classes, and relentless fire support.

That should make Defense/Entrenchment Co-Op mode away more interesting compared with DOI. Especially with the addition of suicide bombers when playing against the Insurgent faction.

This would knock the socks off people and make room for record holding numbers for grps and players. Maybe even give dedicated players/squads who routinely play together something to compete with. This entrenchment mode would kick so much ass and make for some really wxciting gameplay!