Ps4 players?

Hey so I just got back into bloodbowl 2 the other day and I was simply wondering if there’s much activity on the ps4 side? Or is the game cross platform?

Either way, I waited nearly an hour for a game with no luck before deciding to play against the AI.

Also, is there a way to level up your team (spp) playing offline? Like local games or against the AI


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Oh also, is there a prime time when the servers are maybe a bit more populated? Technically I was trying at like 8am pacific time.

Drop your player tags if you’re a regular bb2 player on ps4.

Mine is kranzeh

Ya most players are In a European timezone(gmt) and play around 4pm to maybe 1am that time. Champions ladder will usually get you a game pretty quickly.

we have a league on ps4 new world wissen league if your interisted we got alot of active players there