Don't give up on the game. Xb1 NEEDS this game. It will have a much better launch on there, than on here. The kids that are badgering about wanting it free, don't have consoles, for the most part. They are stuck on their parents PC's and have NO money. That's why they are crying for this game to be free. Keep working on it. I have been and will be spreading the word, on XB1, to get people excited about this game. It deserves much better than what the trash on STEAM has given it. That's coming from a 41yr hardcore gamer. It's a good one, in every aspect.

One thing you all seriously need to do and I will be glad to help do it, is to collect captures of posts that people are leaving, on the STEAM forums, where they are badgering you to give them the game for free, find the reviews that those people left and then give the info to STEAM.

The people that are trying to force you to give them the game, for free, are seriously abusing the good will system that STEAM and Devs rely upon to do business. When you have people that are attacking your game, for no other reason that to hurt you financially, in hopes of forcing you to give them your work for free, they have NO business on a platform that operates under the pretense of "good will and honesty". What we have is trash, that is causing serious damage to the industry and community. They are parasites and parasites get flushed from the system, or they destroy it. It's that simple.

I would be glad to get screen captures(already started) of the peoples posts that are demanding the game for free and then find their corresponding reviews. STEAM can take the information and review their past conduct, I believe most have a history of this and upon finding a pattern of abuse, they can permanently ban their accounts from STEAM. Something has to be done and this would be a step in the right direction, as well as removing ALL of their posts and any negative reviews, that are associated with the people crying for the game for free.

As an American, knowing that most of the losers that are doing this are American, I apologize for their scumbag behavior. They disgust many of us in the states. Obviously, their parents are failures.

Also, if you could tell me where I can purchase keys, to give away, while I am streaming, I will buy some keys to give out, to try to help get the game some promotion. It's much easier with a key, than it is buying them a copy from STEAM.

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