More EXP for kills?

I scored 55 kills with a shotgun and only got a tiny piece of my exp bar at level 19... it'd be cool to be rewarded for doing well and helping the squad as a team.

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And this is the problem insurgency is not about kills its about playing the objective
I think its better to reward objective more over kills or else we get to many cod players

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We spent some time breaking down the main contributors to XP in coop for the sake of knowing. In order:

  1. Winning or losing.
  2. Time spent alive.
  3. Overall points personally scored.

While imperfect, I'd say this is absolutely solid. It means the guy who covers the back or flanks and averages a higher lifespan than the guy on point who's mopping up the kills gets around the same amount of XP despite less overall score. Simply, because he's also less likely to get downed, proportionally to being less likely to accrue score.

This is the most teamwork centric XP system I've ever seen.

If you're dead, you're not contributing to the team so you get very little XP. If you're off on your own zooming around killing all the enemies nowhere near the point, inflating your killcount while taking lots of risks without contributing to the team / playing the objective the system actively punishes you. Best of all, if the team fails, the team receieves about 1/5th of the XP it otherwise would. You win and lose together.

I'm good at both, CS:GO PUGer?

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Well if you won you'd have got anything from ~5000XP to ~8000XP depending on how much time you spent alive and contributing. That's going to average around a third of a bar @ 20k per level (at L19).

If you only got a tiny piece of your XP bar, you must have lost. In which case, stop playing for kills and work with other players to complete the level.

@whitby said in More EXP for kills?:

Winning or losing.
Time spent alive.
Overall points personally scored.

It's great to hear from somebody who knows and can speak for mechanics.

I'm level 18 and didn't gain a single level for carrying the entire match though;

Honestly just going to say I don't know the mechanics behind how the XP system works, but I'll consider that- I was alive the entire game and also did the carrying of the team, I don't play risky and CS:GO at higher skills doesn't encourage that behavior.

But I think something should be done as I got 55 kills and was carrying for the team, even considering your comment regarding this.

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The whole point of Insurgency is that you're not supposed to be rewarded for carrying the team.

You're not going to gain an entire level for a win regardless of the circumstances, you're going to gain around a third of a bar, maybe a little less.

If you open your mic, coordinate with people, arrange who's covering which angles and so forth, you're going to win every single round. That means everybody is going to level up quickly. If you "carry" a team which isn't working together, occasionally you will have a random death event and lose the round because your team isn't capable for whatever reason of completing the following objective. This is the game's way of punishing you for not being cohesive - you get significantly less XP.

I've made threads about this. The one glaring error I've seen in the system as is, is that the people who run ahead to blow the cache before their team get the XP (it's not shared...even if you're there too). The XP for cache explosions should be shared by all teammates in close proximity.

It would also be nice if everyone in close proximity got the credit for that objective, because currently, the game DOES reward those who rush ahead, because at the end of the game they get kudos and a plaque for "most objectives completed" all because they blew up 2 caches ahead of everyone else.

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And this is the problem insurgency is not about kills its about playing the objective
I think its better to reward objective more over kills or else we get to many cod players

Personally I think the scoring system should be designed after what actually makes a team win. For instance, sometimes it is better to not stay inside the objective to get a objective capture that otherwise would be captured anyways. One thing that has always annoyed me is that you get as many point for capturing the objective no matter how many ppl were in it. I would prefer a systme where i.e. a solo cap gets you 50 xp. Two people capping get 25 xp each. 5 people capping get 10 xp each.


Thats a good one i like that kind of system but not more xp For kills