Fear The Wolves - New Update Releases 17th September


The next patch for Fear The Wolves releases on Monday, the 17th of September!

Drop into a post-apocalyptic danger zone in Fear the Wolves, a competitive and atmospheric Battle Royale game from Vostok Games. Fear the Wolves drops players, in squads or as lone wolves, into the oppressive environments of a radiation-ravaged Chernobyl. The classic Battle Royale mode forces them to fight to be the last man standing.

The team has been hard at work making sure the game is constantly improving and today marks one of the first large updates for Fear the Wolves.

Game Optimizations
We've been condensing our models and creating new LODs to improve performance. Optimization is the top priority, and this will always be worked on throughout Early Access and even post-launch.

Map Updates
Several new points of interests have been added to the map, including complex industrial and urban settings. These dense and complex multi-storied buildings have loot on all levels so be careful and thorough!
Several parts of the map’s topography have been changed, with some tree heights being altered so that the extraction helicopter has new places to land.

In-Game Feats
Kill-hungry players will be pleased to know that player and wolf kills are added to the rewards at the end of each match. More difficult kills like headshots, vehicle kills, grenade kills, and melee kills are also rewarded with bonus points.

Spectator Matchmaking - You can queue for the next game while spectating
New Customization Sets – Unlock the Edge and the Gangster sets
10 Additional Languages – French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Polish, Chinese (Traditional), Czech, Hungarian and Turkish
Improved visuals - Updated anomaly effects, weather effects, and a variety of new shooting VFX
Compass – By popular demand!
And much more - Squad radiation status display, toggle for movement keys, increased map precision

If you haven’t been playing since launch, we’ve added several new features in the last two updates. During non-peak hours, the playable area can be scaled up and down depending on the size of the queue allowing for shorter, more intimate and intense games. Weapons and loot have also been rebalanced, making shotguns and pistols more lethal, and higher tier loot more frequent in the cities.

0_1536933410256_Ultra Forest.jpg

More information will be revealed in the incoming months, so stay tuned for more!

Fear the Wolves is currently available in Early Access. Can you survive the apocalypse?

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Too bad you missed the release before the weekend where most of us are free to play!

@rhialto said in Fear The Wolves - New Update Releases 17th September:

Too bad you missed the release before the weekend where most of us are free to play!

Next Weekend u can Play too...

@t-r-i-x said in Fear The Wolves - New Update Releases 17th September:

Next Weekend u can Play too...

What I meant is that there would have been probably more players this weekend if they were able to deliver Friday... it was supposed to be earlier this week anyway.

They should release this Friday, and put every 2 or 3 weeks freeplay to seduce players

Thanks for the update! Looking forward to seeing the changes, fixes and optimization in action.

The only way they should open free weekends, is if they can make it where those people can't leave reviews. If they can't do that, you will just end up with more idiot kids, leaving bs reviews, to try to force F2P.

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Not into gangster style,but wondering about what will be the edge style.Still i think the current two might fit the most aka were a very native picks for styles for this game.

put more images this does not quite convince me, I see good graphics and the unreal can be squeezed a lot at the level of the video game Kholat

非常喜欢这款游戏,对你们的工作室我们也非常喜欢, 我一直在为你们的工作室和游戏做推广,我在中国发布了很多关于你们游戏的信息。