The Lean Feature.

The lean feature is very buggy, if you're trying to pie a corner.

don't use leaning to slice the pie. The reduced lean angle is basically irrelevant. You would be better off just crouch-strafing. Use leaning while stationary to quickly peek common/confirmed enemy positions.

@cyoce Exactly what you said is the problem. It makes leaning pretty much useless except for being stationary. I want to be able to pie a corner while leaning and not be jerking back and forth everytime you pause

@LucJocWhite You'd love Rainbow 6 Siege, that's basically all you do in that game.

The way it is now in INS:S is that leaning favors players already having the positional advantage / holding an angle.

The way I do it is I go right up to the corner (without exposing myself) then lean for less than half a second, standing still for max lean. I do this to get information, seeing if I can visually spot enemies or get them to shoot and reveal their position (they'd miss because by the time they react I'm already back in cover).

They could give you slightly more lean when moving, but the I'm happy that the mechanic exists, because if it wasn't, players would just lean back and forth when standing and strafing.