Vehicule machine gun sound bug

I've got this sound bug while testing the new patch :

It's not present in the replay : f215410b-fcb0-4c39-a4dd-01b5521e4885

I'm playing on medium/high with texture streaming pool size at 400mb (otherwise I get stuttering/fps drops when pressing tab to watch the map for example). Can provide more settings info if needed.

I get the exact same bug, it's been reported a couple of times. The car itself is standing somewhere else with a gunner using the mg. For some odd reason it did not happen in local play when i tried, but i get it all the time in COOP.

The sound comes from where the vehicle spawned. It's in the Known Issues thread:

@leoc said in Insurgency: Sandstorm - Known Issues:

Sound: Guns mounted on vehicles gunshot sound effects may remain in the vehicle's spawn area.

@dootybooty Oops I missed that. Thanks letting me know!