A big laundry list of changes I really want (repost)

Now that sandstorm is delayed I think it would be very welcome to see some of these changes.


It really sucks having rounds go to 2 wins as opposed to best of 5, and I really hate how you get ejected to the main menu after each match. KEEP SERVERS TOGETHER. Playing 2 or 3 games with a really great server produced the best parts of source and I think it is desperately needed.

Fire support:

Firstly I think fire support should not use binoculars, it's way to easy and precise. I think it would be much better if changed to plotting or typing coordinates on the map, much as they are in real life, or at least a flare gun or colored smoke, it would be way more authentic and less spammy.

I also think that the observer should have to call in the support and not just stand by the commander, maybe an option in the comms wheel or an animation of actually calling it (possibly even needing to confirm the commanders coordinates) would really improve the annoying game of tag between the two classes.

Any of these would be welcome changes because right now fire support very powerful and has pretty much zero margin for error.


The game gives way to many supply points. Every single person now runs heavy armor, two grenades and a scoped rifle. Supply points need to be toned way down. Whereas in source you had to sacrifice say armor for a scope or a scope for grenades, here I feel like I often have excess points even after equipping armor and several explosives.

Also I don't really understand why standard issue weapons cost so much, the AKM, M4 and M16 should be the cheapest weapons, not the most expensive.

Needs to be nerfed. Right now the TTK almost feels like BF3 or 4 when using assault rifles, and because every person runs heavy armor it is a real issue. Also helmets should either be incorporated into armor or an optional head piece for security.


Really not a fan of the insurgents customization. They honestly remind me more of the Russian mafia than an Iraqi insurgent group. Insurgents need to be more militarized, make them look like actual insurgents or terrorists not euro trash with Adidas or flannel.

Recoil needs a real change. I think that the guns muzzle climbs way to quickly, and I think the first 2 or 3 rounds should be on target and them climb severely afterwords. In my limited experience with full auto weapons, I think this would be a lot more realistic. The problem is the game compensates for the recoil that pushes directly into your shoulder (which still disrupts aim) that cannot be simulated by making the muzzle climb unrealistically fast.

I don't know if Unreal will allow it but instant or very fast ADS would be a welcome change and reduced weapon sway would be nice.

Reload speeds are very slow.

We need more weapons, galil, ump, mp5, mk11, ac556, RPK, maybe even the M240b or SVT-40. I think every class needs at least 2 guns, and the machine gunners only have 1. I also don't like how there are only 2 sub machine guns in the game when source had 4. More machine guns, DMRs and the galil as well.

I also think tear gas would be a great addition, maybe it makes your vision 50% more blurry or fuzzy or something, if it could also be used in grenade launchers I think gas masks would actually be useful.

Bring back some of the classics! maybe burhiz, tell, embassy or sinjar! some of the old maps are really really good and I'd love to see them added.

I think the current maps are lacking thematically, more variety would be great. Maybe a map set in a proper city like mosul or a map in the open dunes of the iraqi dunes, also maps in the mountains of Afghanistan would be very welcome. Currently, pretty much all of the maps are in the rural north of Iraq, more setting changes would be nice.


They need to remove the death card that tells you who killed you and with what weapon, the mag check that shows an approximation of how much ammo you have is way to simple and should be removed. I also think the capturing, stalemate, blocked by enemy, etc signs on the objectives are pretty obnoxious and should also be removed. I also think the load out screen does not need all the animations, source had a perfectly fine and in many ways more functional menu.

Stuff that is probably in the works but i'm asking anyway:
Night maps

The vaulting and standing up animations are painfully slow, make it a realistic speed.

The security team's trucks need to be re skinned as Humvees
GET RID OF UNLIMITED RIFLEMEN, draws people away from playing needed roles like gunner or commander

also the voice acting is a little dramatic and the lighting is to cinematic, I really wish the game looked and felt like a film reel of the Iraq war, immersion would be top notch.

@guacamole said in A big laundry list of changes I really want (repost):

Needs to be nerfed. Right now the TTK almost feels like BF3 or 4 when using assault rifles, and because every person runs heavy armor it is a real issue.

Again? 😒

@doghead dude, this is my experience, I have no idea whats happening to you, but I am getting consistent 5 shots needed to kill with armor, way too high.

@guacamole Do some tests. It's been demonstrated this is not the case.

I honestly don't agree with any of this.