BB2 Champion Ladder Admin Team

Okay guys I'm looking to see if there is any interest in a cup competition on the PC who would be interested in taking on some of the best coaches the console community have to offer.

In the ultimate bragging rights competition we will see the console coaches try to prove they are equal or better then there PC comrades.

A team of four players will be needed and chosen by the relevant team captain and will do battle over 4 groups of 3 what will have a pc xbox and ps4 player in it. The top player of the group proceeds to the semi finals.

It will be a resurrection tournament and will have a set tv of around 1400tv but this is still in its early stages and will be discussed with the relevant parties.

I think personally this would be great fun and advertise the exciting opportunity of players on different formats coming together testing there skills against each other and a lot of fun to boot.

I already have a few guys who have said they will stream the tournament and I'm sure there is many great pc streamers who could also.

Anybody want to offer there services to there formats cause please say so I really do think this could be a lot of fun. Any questions let me know and will try and answer best I can

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