Switching fire mode should be faster

Currently it feels very clunky. I understand for the weapons that have their selector switch no where near the thumb (which are rare) but most of these weapons are fairly quick to switch. In game its currently a whole function like priming a grenade. It doesn't have to be instant but right now feels like the person handling the weapon has never handled one before.

Or firing should interrupt fire mode switching. I've only ever thought the above when I was killed in the middle of a switch.

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i'd actually like the possibility to have keybinds for the firemodes.

Yeah, switching fire-modes doesn't feel "snappy", if that makes any sense 😃

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@benz said in Switching fire mode should be faster:

switching fire-modes doesn't feel "snappy", if that makes any sense 😃

Yeah i get that same feeling.

It doesn't always register on the first click it seems. Might be contributing to that feeling. I think I commented on the subreddit that leaving the firemode HUD element up all the time would help with this, because sometimes I'll try to switch while focusing on other stuff and there's no feedback to be sure it happened unless you see the UI change.

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