can we please parachute in

This game is amazing,but i would love to parachute in the the spawn area,as i love games that have this it would make this game the best on the market,but it is getting close

@iggor003 Honestly on release I already think it'll blow BFV out of the water. BO4 might have a chance against Sandstorm, though.

As for parachuting in... why? It doesn't really make sense lmao

just love been deployed out of the sky.parachuting in is mad,also sitting in a truck full of noobs feels a bit lame

Would you want this every time you spawned, or just at the beginning of a match? The former would get tedious after a day or two.

Good idea for some maps in the future.

just at the start..not every time you spawn

Can we have an RNG chance to beeak our legs on impact?

He’s just asking for it to be at the start of the coop game mode.
I don’t play coop, but I agree parachuting in is more badass than sitting in a truck.

So insurgents would drop in from the sky? What about security forces? Pretty sure they arent paratroopers. Seems like a little too BR for it to make any sense at all. Driving in and deploying from a truck is so much better. Lets not forget, for all the issues this game has or is perceived to have this is not one of them. Better the focus on optimisation and mechanics rather than deployment.

Though, for example it would be nice for certain classes in COOP to be able to deploy ahead for example the sniper class as recon. But this would require larger maps since you pretty much start 100m from the first objective anyway.

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