Frustrating by design?

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As an older gamer I don't have too many non-bug technical issues with the game. Reading your post I'm thinking this may not be the game for you. The other game feels like a platoon level operation, where this cone feels like a company sized game where several platoons could fight against one another.

I'm not sure what you mean... It's not a game for me because I always come across an annoying freak who does everything he can to ruin the game? How is that my foult?
I'm not sure if you were refering to my post. Please point out who are you talkig to.

I kinda agree with the topic creator about the map design. For me personally it is currently one of the main reasons I can't fully enjoy the game.

I am personally also not a huge fan of the gamemodes. The ''domination / conquest'' kind of gamemode becomes too chaotic too easily. I also feel like the map size and playercount do not add up.

The good news is that maps can easily be adjusted and there's always good hope that new maps will be better.

That aside, a bit off-topic too, but I also hope for more vehicles (humvees to counter pick up) and perhaps some more weapons, like the M60 machine gun or perhaps a Mk12 SPR.

I guess the thing about "maps being open and hard to grasp" is about what you are used to.

I've played a lot of operation flashpoint/arma, some Squad etc. before INS:S so I'm used to large open maps and I love the bigger maps in Sandstorm and never had any problems grasping them. Sure there are more spots to learn and it takes more time. I really like when there are more angles and options for positions for the attack and defense.

Tunnel vision will get a player killed quickly in Sandstorm. I feel like Sandstorm requires much more awareness than INS2014. Which is good.

TIP: local play is really good place to get to know the maps better. Just remove the bots and you can run around the map and explore and try out different spots for sniping/mg etc! 🙂

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