So I understand and agree that it should take quite a bit of play time to unlock certain customizations for characters but I don’t think the credits should based solely on leveling up. A few credits should be earned for doing certain tasks maybe unlocking achievements or possibly just performing very well and helping out as a teammate. And I also don’t think there should be random drops either because they are usually things no one wants to wear instead it’s should all be currency or credits and no random drops and maybe a few more credits as opposed to the random drops. Currently I am trying save up 1800 credits for a couple things I really want but as I’m getting to a higher level it’s becoming more difficult not to mention it will all reset when the game releases! Anyways sorry for the novel just wanted to voice my opinion on the matter once again not saying it should be super easy to obtain the better cosmetics but just don’t think we need the random white sneakers I will never equip and just a few more credits here and there would be nice! I will be a little more inclined to grind out the credits when it’s for keepsies lol! Love the game keep up the good work!