Commander scoring for strategic fire support

Currently, the Commander only gets points for kills and assists with offensive fire support, even though the biggest risk and contribution is often smoke/gas support. Players in the Commander role are not rewarded with any cap-related points for providing strategic fire support currently, which can bring them way down the scoreboard even if they assisted capping multiple points with either screening, suppression, or area denial.

Are there plans to improve this? It's disappointing spending a game working hard to position myself for good fire support calls and ending up in the bottom third even though I helped my team capture almost every point...

It's funny you mention that, I've been an observer for a while and recently stopped because I am following my commander into death traps. lol! I get the TK idea as any leader is responsible for any mishap in a team, group, or company. I agree with you on the point system. If the team wins, I think the commander should get some score points because, the leader obviously takes some credit for the success factors in any team, group, or company.