1. Pistols when reloading often don't finish until some seconds AFTER the animation has finished. Offenders include the M45, 1911, and the Browning HP.

  2. Supply crates can be moved away from while doing a long resupply and cause the player to have spastic, "jumpy" movement until they interact with it again.

  3. May be related to above issue: Mosin picked off the ground and resupplied at an ammo crate will play reload animation infinitely but never actually put rounds in the gun.

  4. Weapons can drop inside of objects and cause them to be irretrievable , even if you manage to get a prompt to pick it up.

  5. Bots do not have to turn the technical's machine gun, instead they lock on to you, and start firing immediately when they hop on. This gives virtually no reaction window to kill the gunner unless you luckily pre-fire the gunner position as they teleport into it.

  6. Having ADS set to hold will cause it to not release if the communication wheel is open, even after the wheel is released, and the player must press the ADS in order to unscope.