deathmatch were is it?

the main reason i play fps games is because i love deathmatch style gameplay. super fast paced, action packed. i really dont like the spawn waves and there arent that many game modes. in my opinion this game isnt any better that pubg .they both suck the same

Not the style of this game.

Don't see why not for community servers, can use it to warmup for games you needed to win.
For comp? dunno about that one.

@biass This.
If the community wants to make a deathmatch mode sure, but NWI won't as it's not their vision for the game.

I think the deathmatch question is an interesting one for games like these. I believe the question you want to ask is; "does versus benefit from people playing it as if it was deathmatch?". Does the increased population add more than the less objective oriented focus from the players detract from the game modes?

If versus doesn't need the added population, deathmatch is in me eyes always a good idea. It is just the better option if you want constant action, and when you want more objective oriented game play versus is always there.

PUBG has deathmatch via war mode, although I personally would prefer faster respawn times than up to 30 seconds as it is now. Instant respawn like CSGO is just a better fit.

To answer the question the best I could, if there was deathmatch I would personally often queue for it and would focus more on actually winning the rounds when playing versus.

I think this might cause mixed signals, insurgency is very team based and objective oriented, and they dont encourage lonewolfing, deathmatch would be encouraging it, and that would seep into other game modes. Also it's not like people just play one game all the time, there are other games that offer more of that particular game play. I dont see this manifesting honestly.

I think the right place for deathmatch in Sandstorm would be the same place that aim maps have in CS:GO - perfectly reasonable way to train your aiming skills, but not "part of the official main game". I'd try it out, could be fun.

Deathmatch is a cancer , one that I would immediately leave the server over, once it comes.

Objectives on the map, work like magnets, they control the way players behave. When you take out objectives and include instant respawning, the tension of the game disappears. What you have is camping in random locations and everyone rushing in because there is no penalty for dying. It's everything I try to avoid and if you introduce this into the game, you are poisoning it.

There are many other games out there that will provide you with the experience you want, don't take away mine.


I could imagine interesting gameplay coming from a solo/duo objective based deathmatch mode where every player or duo team gets assigned objectives that they need to go to one after the other, and all the other players are like moving obstacles. The game could assign new objectives to people to basicly guide them so that their paths intentionally cross. A while ago I suggested an "experimental branch" for matchmaking where new ideas or balancing changes can be A/B tested. I think something like this could be worth a test. Might be fun, might be horrible, only one way to find out.

Don't worry about objective focused modes going away entirely, that will never happen in Insurgency. I wouldn't want that either.

@musicnote said in deathmatch were is it?:

Deathmatch is a cancer , one that I would immediately leave the server over, once it comes.


There are many other games out there that will provide you with the experience you want, don't take away mine.

Deathmatch would obviously be exclusively on some servers.

Really? Name one game that has gun-play etc like Sandstorm, that has deathmatch? I can name one, Red Orchestra 2 and it worked perfectly there. I enjoyed it a lot and would enjoy it in Sandstorm. I have no interest in playing COD and I prefer playing Sandstorm Deathmatch over CSGO Deathmatch.

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