Tie games (no overtime)

Title explains it all. There are no overtime matches to resolve tie games which is really frustrating. It's pretty annoying playing rush matches that always seem to end 1-1.

there are no tie games... which ever team has the higher score at the end wins

@ylapointe Is that really how it's determined? I'm pretty sure it's still based off of the actual victories, and if there's a tie then both teams are awarded the same xp boost.

They should make that clear because it only says defeat/victory at the end of each round, and in push there are only 2 rounds. In a 1-1 situation, if the devs want the winner to be determined by best round score they need to add another overall victory/defeat element.

Otherwise if that's not the case, then there should be another round. However, maybe, the team that did get the higher score in the 1-1 situation GETS TO CHOOSE WHAT SIDE (attacking or defending) to play on for the final round with a player vote system before the final round starts. Thoughts?

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