AI knows where you are at any time. great.

the AI seems to know exactly where you are at any time. I was spectating a teammate on the map Summit as Insurgents, he was capturing the point F (the bridge), he was prone behind sandbags on the bridge for a while. in comes a security AI walking from point G to F on the street under the bridge emerging from behind big boulders. no way he could have ever seen my teammate from under the bridge/behind the boulders but still his vision locked onto him immediately, opened fire and killed him through the sandbags.

I noticed this as well, Hopefully its just a temporary solution...

One time I jumped up at a high window above a checkpoint, it was probably 70M away from checkpoint area, I spotted an AI crouched looking the other way but as soon as I poped my head up to shoot at him, he instantly turned, fired, and killed me. There's no way he would have spotted me that quick when he was looking completely the opposite direction.

While the AI in the origional insurgents have their issues, I feel they generally react more realistically to real life situations (supressors, smoke and spotting) the in SS.

Like I said, hopefully its just a temp solution, but it does make playing PvE quite unforgiving.

Yeah bots know 😮
Even if you are far away, not in there field of vision and there previous target is dead, they will turn in your direction without fail like a pack of zombies that caught your sent. Really creepy 🤢

in my experience they are very sensitive to sound. If you crouch or walk however (and I mean walk.. not just run without sprinting) they don't hear you coming.

In the old game, bots would see through brush entities, maybe something similar is happening here. But I get it from the technical and it's insane, I'll run 20 feet inside a building and have the wall exploding right next to me the entire time. Through wall tracking needs to be replaced with a less obnoxious wallbanging.

I was just watching a gameplay video earlier where a player went downstairs and ran into a bot looking directly up at the ceiling where his teammate was in position covering upstairs.
It seemed obvious to me that the AI had detected the other player above him although he had no possible LOS.

It should be limited to their FOV only, it makes more sense that way